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Random Resident Evil Quote, A one stop place for all resident evil quotes is a website dedicated to memorable quotes and general sayings scripted in the Resident Evil film series. Through you can find many quotes that you may like or would wish to be reminded of this great movie series and enjoy a trip down the memory lane. The film series is modeled on the popular game of the same name, Resident Evil, and is generally appreciated among the younger generation. The genre that incorporates the Resident evil installments encompasses around action, adventure and futuristic horror but mostly people of all age can enjoy the film. It has a little graphic violence but even so can be viewed by people of all ages since the graphic violence is futuristic in nature and hence not real time.

The Film has been predominantly directed and produced by the much famed director and producer Paul W.S. Anderson. The Resident Evil has five distinct episodes to the series with Resident Evil (2002) being the first followed by Resident Evil: Apocalypse in 2004, the third part was released in 2007 and was titled Resident Evil: Extinction. In 2010 the fourth installment to the series was released while this was known as Resident Evil: Afterlife. The latest installment however is the 2012 Resident Evil Retribution which is also available in 3D viewing. takes all the popular quotes from all these five installments and puts them up for the fans. If you are a die-hard resident evil fan then you can also submit a movie quote at

The film series has been released in five countries namely: United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the Australia. The total budget incorporated for the production cost of all the five films have been around 248 million dollars. The revenue generated however at the box office is estimated to be around 897 million which clearly signifies that the film series is definitely a success in terms of global viewership and transition of popularity from the Resident Evil game to the movie has been a successful one.

The plot of all resident Evil predominantly revolves around a virus breakout on the surface of the world. The virus, known as T-virus, is responsible for turning humans into zombies and the animals into hideous attacking mutants. Alice (Portrayed by Mila Jovovich) is the lead actress and the main character surrounding the storyline. She is shown to be once a security officer of Umbrella, an organization that developed the T-virus but now is fighting both the Zombies and the Umbrella organization to stop the outbreak.